Nas kevi rite levo juo video and mahiti

Nas kevi rite levo juo video and mahiti

Nas kevi rite levo juo video and mahiti

Happy Christmas … Happy Christmas Gira p. Bhatt Today is the 25th of December, Christmas. Ho jeevan mast-mast, red-red cloak in a small village, happy christmas … happy christmas. Santa Claus with white beard and white mustache did a great job. Also, we brought back some toys. Happy Christmas … Happy Christmas.

There is a beautiful garden in the village and a small church near it. Happy Christmas after completing the morning prayer … Happy Christmas. Were meeting each other. Happy Christmas .. Happy Ghumo Sneh Jag Samast, saying Christmas. The children were in the garden Happy Christmas … Happy Christmas.

Around the garden, Santa Claus sang a song to his grandfather. All giving balloons. Small and big, colorful balloons clung to him and kept raining love. Inflated children played a lot. Then the chocolates and Santa Claus grandfather said, “Come on, I gave you a song biscuit. Pipuda – Pipuda was given dugdugiyas.

નાસ બચાવશે તમને કોરોનાથી જુઓ આ વિડીયો

Wow brother wow .. playing new toys from the bag. Will you sing that ”The children cut. If you give a ball to someone, you give a doll to someone. So saying ‘yes’ … all the children were playing. Santa Claus remained grandfather. Grandpa stood watching Sahu. A song sung by a group of children. Called the two leaders. He put his hand on his head and asked, “Son, can I know your name? “Yes, my name is Joy and his name is James.” ”

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