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Ah … once you study “physiology” … you will understand the glory of God and you will not even think of spoiling the body …. read the whole article and read it all … yes …
 (Why scientists are wondering about the human body)
 The human body is amazing
  Strong lungs
 Our lungs filter 2 million liters of air every day.  We don’t even have to worry about it.  If the lungs are stretched, it will cover a portion of the tennis court.
 No such factory
 Our body makes 250 million new cells every second.  In addition, more than 200 billion blood cells are produced every day.  There are 2500 billion blood cells in the body each time.  One drop of blood contains 250 million cells.
 Millions of kilometers traveled
 Human blood travels 1,92,000 kilometers in the body every day.  Our body has an average of 5.6 liters of blood, which is taken up once every 20 seconds throughout the body.
 The heart of a healthy person beats 100,000 times a day.  It has been hit more than 300 million times a year.  The heart’s pumping pressure is so high that it can pump blood up to 30 feet.
 All cameras and binoculars fail
 The human eye can detect the finest differences between a million colors.  There is currently no machine in the world that can compete with it.
 Nasal air conditioner
 We have a natural air conditioner in our nose.  It warms the cold air and cools the hot air and allows it to enter the lungs.
  400 km per hour.  Speed ​​of
 The nervous system transmits the necessary instructions to the rest of the body at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.  The human brain has more than 100 billion nerve cells.
 Awesome mix
 The body is 70 percent water.  It also contains large amounts of carbon, zinc, cobalt, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, nickel and silicon.
 Strange sneeze
 The speed of the air blown out when sneezing can range from 166 to 300 kilometers per hour.  It is impossible to sneeze with open eyes.
 Warehouse of bacteria
 About 10% of human body weight is due to bacteria.  One square inch of skin contains 32 million bacteria.
  Fantastic World of ENT
 The eyes are fully developed in childhood, later there is no development.  While the development of the nose and ears continues throughout life.  The ear can distinguish between millions of sounds.  The ear can hear sound waves between 1,000 and 50,000 Hz.
 Take care of your teeth
 Human teeth are as strong as Sheila.  But other parts of the body take care of themselves, while the teeth are not able to repair themselves after getting sick.
Moisture in the mouth
 The human mouth produces 1.7 liters of saliva per day.  In addition to digesting food, saliva keeps more than 10,000 taste buds in the tongue moist.
 Scientists believe that blinking of the eyelids releases sweat from the eyes and keeps them moist.  Women blink twice as often as men.
 Nail polish
 The toenails grow the most slowly.  While the nails of the middle finger grow the fastest.
 Beard hair
 Beard hair grows the fastest in men.  If a person does not grow a beard all his life, his beard can be 30 feet long.
  Math of food
 A person usually spends five years of life behind eating.  For life we ​​have eaten 7,000 times more food than our weight.
 Hair loss problems
 A healthy man loses 80 hairs every day.
 Dream World
 Even before the baby is born, it starts dreaming in the mother’s womb.  In the spring the baby grows faster.
 Importance of sleep
 Man’s energy burns during sleep.  The brain stores important information.  The body relaxes and repairs are done.  It is during sleep that the hormones needed for physical development are released.
 So don’t underestimate your precious body
 So remember God 3 times a day (thank you) for waking up in the morning, eating and sleeping at night.
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